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Road to Romance, Book 4

During her annual spring visit to relatives in Bristol, Miss Ellen Cather is dismayed to learn her aunt intends to use her matchmaking skills to locate suitable, worthy gentlemen for her and her cousin to marry.

Mr. John Rudder agreed to join an acquaintance, Mr. Henry Stanhope, in Bristol on his rowing team when one of the crew is injured. They encounter Miss Cather and her relatives shortly after arriving in town.

Ellen met both men at a summer house party over a year ago. Observing her aunt’s enthusiastic reaction to them, Ellen becomes uncomfortably aware she has determined they are perfect candidates for prospective husbands.

Will profound emotions vanquish an accomplished matchmaker’s schemes?



Road to Romance, Book 3

Miss Camille Collins thinks of Frederick, Lord Surd, as her champion and steadfast friend since he rescued her at fourteen. A few years later, learning of his intention to court her, she rebuffs him, but sentimental memories of happy, shared experiences make Camille question her hasty decision. Anxious to understand the reason for her refusal, Frederick jumps at the chance to join Camille in Bath.

Can Frederick and Camille recapture their promising relationship, or will false impressions spoil the prospect of everlasting love?



Road to Romance, Book 2

Lady Sophia Hampton is an imposter. Deception and pretense have ruled her social interactions with gentlemen after she made a life-altering decision at sixteen. Outraged by the scarcity of suitors, her parents insist she visit her aunt in Berkshire.

Upon the death of his father, Sir Edward Collins takes the responsibility of land ownership seriously, planning to adopt new methods to improve crop production. Refusing to trust his judgement, his mother advises him to instead concentrate on finding a suitable lady to marry.

Could an unfortunate accident provide Sophia and Edward the opportunity to develop a relationship that brings them both confidence and happiness?



Road to Romance, Book 1

Lucas Carter, Viscount Millington, only son of a centuries-old family, must marry soon. He wants nothing like his parents' unbearable relationship.

Refreshingly candid and straightforward, Lady Emma Brenham has resigned herself to spinsterhood after attending three seasons in London without securing an offer. While wearing a mask of indifference, she secretly longs for an adoring husband and children of her own.

A chance meeting and formal introduction in Brighton lead to shared moments of comradery, triggering heartfelt sensations and fervent attraction. However, a shadow is cast over the dawn of their relationship by a desperate man who has other plans for Lady Emma.



Lady Isabella Porter and Lord Gerard Malden have known each other since they were children. Isabella thinks of Gerard as someone who teased her unmercifully and made her feel inadequate as a young girl. But Gerard has loved Isabella for many years.

A sudden, fierce snowstorm and misplaced notes informing both of a change of plan mean Isabella and Gerard are forced to spend the Christmas holidays together in very unusual circumstances. 

Gerard realizes he must use the time he's been given with Isabella to change the opinions she formed as a girl so she may look upon him with favor and, if he is fortunate, lasting affection.



Miss Clara Seaford has loved Julian Astor, Viscount Bentley, since she first saw him at a debutante ball. Years later, Julian is forced to marry Clara to pay off a large debt owed to her father.

A misunderstanding on their wedding night and an extended trip for Julian leads to an awkward beginning.

When her husband unexpectedly returns for the Christmas holidays, Clara vows to ensure there will be no confusion about the depth of her love for him.



Is your opinion of an optimum reading experience done with a book held in your hands? 'Joyful Holiday Seasons' is a paperback collection of four holiday historical romance stories taking place in Regency period England. Two of the tales are about brothers and the other two stories cover best friends. Grab some hot chocolate, put on your slippers, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy some heart-warming romances.



Since losing her intended at the Battle of Waterloo, Lady Rebecca Hastings has lost her joy for living. On what would have been her wedding day, she is reunited with a childhood friend and neighbor, Adrian Russell, Marquess of Burton. As they reminisce about their childhood together, she is immediately conscious of new feelings for him.

The cheer of the Christmas season and some puzzling visits from the spirit of her intended eventually help Rebecca realize her enduring love for Adrian. But can he ever accept her as more than a friend?



Lady Selina Durwood has been in love with Lord Robert Crestor since she was a young girl. Assuming they would eventually marry, she was surprised he released her from any such agreement when he left to join the fight against Napoleon.

During the Christmas holiday, she and her parents accept an invitation to spend time at the Crestor family estate. Believing Robert is stationed with his cavalry in Brussels, she unexpectedly encounters him as she and her maid enter the kitchen for a late-night meal.

His strange questions and behavior make it clear to Selina that Robert is confused about her feelings for him. Will she be able to convince him he is the only one for her?



Justin Wexley, Marquess of Rockton has decided he doesn’t want to be married. He has come to this conclusion after many uncomfortable experiences with young women who were thrust upon him by their domineering mothers as possible candidates for the position of his future wife and Marchioness. He is tired of discussing the weather with these silly, nitwitted girls. He is perfectly happy taking care of his large estate with the knowledge that one day his cousin, a smart and diligent young man, will one day inherit his title and property.

Miss Catherine Simms arrives at her friend’s home in the country to celebrate Christmas with her and her family. She discovers that the Marquess of Rockton has also been included in the invitation. Catherine has heard the rumors about Lord Rockton’s aversion to marriage. She finds him to be intelligent as well as handsome and greatly enjoys the time spent with him. Regrettably, they part under less than ideal circumstances on Christmas day.
Fate works its magic and the two of them meet again two years later. Can Justin and Catherine forget about their less than ideal experiences from the past and begin to make lovely, happy moments together in the present?



While in London on business during the Season, Lord Paul Russell, attracted by a beautiful woman, fails in securing a place on her dance card. The next morning when he returns to Cornwall, he wonders if this mystery woman will still be available.

Bored by all the eligible gentlemen she meets, Lady Samantha Grayson desires more than their meaningless conversations and preoccupation with silly fashion requirements. Only one gentleman catches her eye, but she misses her chance to speak to him, never encountering him again the rest of the Season.

A sudden snowstorm on Christmas Eve morning catches Samantha alone and unprotected. When she seeks shelter in a nearby cottage, she is astonished when the door opens to the very man who caught her interest in London a few months ago. What was doomed to be an uneventful Christmas, to her pleasant surprise could be better than a present.

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